1 Statement of initial employment particulars

Part I Employment Particulars

Right to statements of employment particulars

1  Statement of initial employment particulars

(1)     Where [a worker] begins employment with an employer, the employer shall give to [the worker] a written statement of particulars of employment.

[(2)     Subject to sections 2(2) to (4)—

(a)     the particulars required by subsections (3) and (4) must be included in a single document; and

(b)     the statement must be given not later than the beginning of the employment.]

(3)     The statement shall contain particulars of—

(a)     the names of the employer and [worker],

(b)     the date when the employment began, and

(c)     [in the case of a statement given to an employee,] the date on which the employee's period of continuous employment began (taking into account any employment with a previous employer which counts towards that period).

(4)     The statement shall also contain particulars, as at a specified date not more than seven days before the statement [(or the instalment of a statement given under section 2(4) containing them)] is given, of—

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