Part I Employment Particulars (ss 1-12)
Part I Employment Particulars (ss 1-12)

1 Statement of initial employment particulars

(1)     Where an employee [a worker] begins employment with an employer, the employer shall give to the employee [the worker] a written statement of particulars of employment.

(2)     The statement may (subject to section 2(4)) be given in instalments and (whether or not given in instalments) shall be given not later than two months after the beginning of the employment.

[(2)     Subject to sections 2(2) to (4)—

(a)     the particulars required by subsections (3) and (4) must be included in a single document; and

(b)     the statement must be given not later than the beginning of the employment.]

(3)     The statement shall contain particulars of—

(a)     the names of the employer and employee [worker],

(b)     the date when the employment began, and

(c)     [in the case of a statement given to an employee,] the date on which the employee's period of continuous employment began (taking into account any employment with a previous employer which counts towards that period).

(4)     The statement shall also contain particulars, as at a specified date not more than seven days before the statement (or the instalment containing them) [(or the instalment of a statement given under section 2(4) containing them)] is given, of—

(a)     the scale or rate of remuneration or the method of calculating remuneration,

(b)     the intervals at which remuneration is paid (that is, weekly, monthly or other specified intervals),

(c)     any terms and conditions relating to hours of work (including any terms and conditions relating to normal working hours),

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