Part 5 Exemptions etc . . .for Reasons of Freedom of Expression and Information

Journalistic, academic, artistic and literary purposes


(1)     In this paragraph, “the special purposes” means one or more of the following—

(a)     the purposes of journalism;

(b)     academic purposes;

(c)     artistic purposes;

(d)     literary purposes.

(2)     Sub-paragraph (3) applies to the processing of personal data carried out for the special purposes if—

(a)     the processing is being carried out with a view to the publication by a person of journalistic, academic, artistic or literary material, and

(b)     the controller reasonably believes that the publication of the material would be in the public interest.

(3)     The listed GDPR provisions do not apply to the extent that the controller reasonably believes that the application of those provisions would be incompatible with t

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