214 Extent

214  Extent

(1)     This Act extends to England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, subject to—

(a)     subsections (2) to (5), and

(b)     paragraph 12 of Schedule 12.

(2)     Section 199 extends to England and Wales only.

(3)     Sections 188, 189 and 190 extend to England and Wales and Northern Ireland only.

(4)     An amendment, repeal or revocation made by this Act has the same extent in the United Kingdom as the enactment amended, repealed or revoked.

(5)     This subsection and the following provisions also extend to the Isle of Man—

(a)     paragraphs 332 and 434 of Schedule 19;

(b)     sections 211(1), 212(1) and 213(2),

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