211 Minor and consequential provision

211  Minor and consequential provision

(1)     In Schedule 19—

(a)     Part 1 contains minor and consequential amendments of primary legislation;

(b)     Part 2 contains minor and consequential amendments of other legislation;

(c)     Part 3 contains consequential modifications of legislation;

(d)     Part 4 contains supplementary provision.

(2)     The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision that is consequential on any provision made by this Act.

(3)     Regulations under subsection (2)—

(a)     may include transitional, transitory or saving provision;

(b)     may amend, repeal or revoke an enactment.

(4)     The reference to an enactment in subsection (3)(b) does not include an enactment passed or made after the end

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