26 National security and defence exemption
26 National security and defence exemption

(1)     A provision of [the UK GDPR] or this Act mentioned in subsection (2) does not apply to personal data to which [the UK GDPR] applies if exemption from the provision is required for—

(a)     the purpose of safeguarding national security, or

(b)     defence purposes.

(2)     The provisions are—

(a)     Chapter II of [the UK GDPR] (principles) except for—

(i)     Article 5(1)(a) (lawful, fair and transparent processing), so far as it requires processing of personal data to be lawful;

(ii)     Article 6 (lawfulness of processing);

(iii)     Article 9 (processing of special categories of personal data);

(b)     Chapter III of [the UK GDPR] (rights

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