51 Live links in criminal proceedings
51 Live links in criminal proceedings

(1)     A witness (other than the defendant) may, if the court so directs, give evidence through a live link in the following criminal proceedings.

(2)     They are—

(a)     a summary trial,

(b)     an appeal to the Crown Court arising out of such a trial,

(c)     a trial on indictment,

(d)     an appeal to the criminal division of the Court of Appeal,

(e)     the hearing of a reference under section 9 or 11 of the Criminal Appeal Act 1995 (c 35),

(f)     a hearing before a magistrates' court or the Crown Court which is held after the defendant has entered a plea of guilty, and

(g)     a hearing before the Court of Appeal under section 80 of this Act.

(3)     A direction may be given under this section—