287 Minimum sentence for certain firearms offences
287 Minimum sentence for certain firearms offences

After section 51 of the Firearms Act 1968 (c 27) there is inserted the following section—

“51A Minimum sentence for certain offences under s 5

(1)     This section applies where—

(a)     an individual is convicted of—

(i)     an offence under section 5(1)(a), (ab), (aba), (ac), (ad), (ae), (af) or (c) of this Act, or

(ii)     an offence under section 5(1A)(a) of this Act, and

(b)     the offence was committed after the commencement of this section and at a time when he was aged 16 or over.

(2)     The court shall impose an appropriate custodial sentence (or order for detention) for a term of at least the required minimum term (with or without a fine) unless the court is of the opinion that there are exceptional circumstances relating to the offence or to the offender which justify its not doing so.