250 Licence conditions
250 Licence conditions

(1)     In this section—

(a)     “the standard conditions” means such conditions as may be prescribed for the purposes of this section as standard conditions, and

(b)     “prescribed” means prescribed by the Secretary of State by order.

(2)     . . .

[(2A)     . . .]

(3)     . . .

(4)     Any licence under this Chapter in respect of a prisoner serving a sentence of imprisonment . . . (including . . . a sentence imposed under section [226A][, 227 or 236A]) or any sentence of detention under section 91 [or 96] of the Sentencing Act or section [226A, 226B,] [227][, 228 or 236A] of this Act—

(a)     must include the standard conditions,

[(aa)     must include any electronic monitoring conditions required by an order under section 62A of the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000,] and

(b)     may include—