[24B Application of PACE provisions]
[24B Application of PACE provisions]

[(1)     In the case of a person arrested under section 24A, the provisions of the 1984 Act specified in subsection (2) apply, with the modifications specified in subsection (3) and with such further modifications as are necessary, as they apply in the case of a person arrested for an offence.

(2)     The provisions are—

(a)     section 30 (arrest elsewhere than at police station);

(b)     sections 30A to 30D (bail elsewhere than at police station);

(c)     section 31 (arrest for further offence);

(d)     section 34(1) to [(5E)] (limitations on police detention);

(e)     section 36 (custody officers at police stations);

(f)     section 37(4) to [(6C)] (record of grounds for detention);

(g)     section 38 (duties of custody officer after charge);

(h)     section 39 (responsibilities in relation to persons detained);

(i)     section 55A (x-rays and ultrasound scans).

(3)     The modifications are—

(a)     in section 30CA(5)(a), for the reference to being involved in the investigation of the offence mentioned in that provision substitute a reference to being involved—