117 Business and other documents
117 Business and other documents

(1)     In criminal proceedings a statement contained in a document is admissible as evidence of any matter stated if—

(a)     oral evidence given in the proceedings would be admissible as evidence of that matter,

(b)     the requirements of subsection (2) are satisfied, and

(c)     the requirements of subsection (5) are satisfied, in a case where subsection (4) requires them to be.

(2)     The requirements of this subsection are satisfied if—

(a)     the document or the part containing the statement was created or received by a person in the course of a trade, business, profession or other occupation, or as the holder of a paid or unpaid office,

(b)     the person who supplied the information contained in the statement (the relevant person) had or may reasonably be supposed to have had personal knowledge of the matters dealt with, and