Part 2 Northern Ireland


(1)     Where the court considering the making of a community order is satisfied that the offender resides in Northern Ireland, or will reside there when the order comes into force, the court may not make a community order in respect of the offender unless it appears to the court—

(a)     in the case of an order imposing a requirement mentioned in sub-paragraph (2), that arrangements exist for persons to comply with such a requirement in the petty sessions district in Northern Ireland in which the offender resides, or will be residing when the order comes into force [in Northern Ireland], and that provision can be made for him to comply with the requirement under those arrangements,

[(aa)     in the case of an order imposing an electronic monitoring requirement within section 215(1)(b)—

(i)     that any necessary provision can be made in the offender's case under arrangements that exist for persons resident in that locality [Northern Ireland], and

(ii)     that arrangements are generally operational throughout Northern Ireland (even if not always operational everywhere there) under which the offender's whereabouts can be electronically monitored,] and

(b)     in any case, that suitable arrangements for his supervision can be made by the Probation Board

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