Part 6 Supplementary


(1)     . . . No application may be made under paragraph 13, [14,] 17[, 19A] or 20, while an appeal against the community order is pending.

(2)     Sub-paragraph (1) does not apply to an application under paragraph 17 which—

(a)     relates to a mental health treatment requirement, a drug rehabilitation requirement or an alcohol treatment requirement, and

(b)     is made by [an officer of a provider of probation services] with the consent of the offender.


(1)     Subject to sub-paragraph (2), where a court proposes to exercise its powers under Part 4 or 5 of this Schedule, otherwise than on the application of the offender, the court—

(a)     must summon him to appear before the court, and

(b)     if he does not appear in answer to the summons, may issue a warrant for his arrest.

(2)     This paragraph does not apply to an order cancelling a requirement of a community order or reducing the period of any requirement, or substituting [which only does one or more of the following—

(a)     revokes a community order;

(b)     cancels a requirement of a community order or replaces it with one of a shorter duration;

(c)     substitutes]

a new [local justice area] or a new place for the one specified in the order.

[(3)     This paragraph also do

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