Part 8 Life Sentences

Short title and chapterExtent of repeal
Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965 (c 71)Section 1(2).
Repatriation of Prisoners Act 1984 (c 47)In section 2(4)(b)(i), the words “or 29(1)”.
Section 3(9).
Paragraph 3 of the Schedule.
Crime (Sentences) Act 1997 (c 43)Section 29.
Section 31(4).
Section 33.
In section 34(3), the words from the beginning to “advocate; and”.
Crime and Punishment (Scotland) Act 1977 (c 48)In Schedule 1, paragraph 10(3).
Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (c 37)In Schedule 8, paragraphs 57 and 60.
Powers of Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 (c 6)In section 82A, in subsection (4) the words “subject

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