Part 4 Allocation and Sending of Offences
Part 4 Allocation and Sending of Offences

Short title and chapterExtent of repeal
Bankers' Books Evidence Act 1879 (c 11)In section 4, the paragraph beginning “Where the proceedings”.
In section 5, the paragraph beginning “Where the proceedings”.
Explosive Substances Act 1883 (c 3)Section 6(3).
Criminal Justice Act 1925 (c 86)Section 49(2).
Administration of Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1933 (c 36)In section 2(2), paragraphs (aa) to (ac), paragraphs (iA) and (iB), and the words from “and in paragraph (iA)” to the end.
Criminal Justice Act 1948 (c 58)Section 41(5A).
In section 80, the definition of “Court of summary jurisdiction”.
Backing of Warrants (Republic of Ireland) Act 1965 (c 45)In the Schedule, in paragraph 4, the words “and section 2 of the Poor Prisoners Defence Act 1930 (legal aid before examining justices)”.
Criminal Procedure (Attendance of Witnesses) Act 1965 (c 69)Section 2(5).
Criminal Justice Act 1967 (c 80)In section 9(1), the words “, other than committal proceedings”.
In section 36(1), the definition of “committal proceedings”.
Criminal Appeal Act 1968 (c 19)In section 9(2), the words from “section 41” to “either way offence”.
Firearms Act 1968 (c 27)In Schedule 6, in Part 2, paragraph 3.
Theft Act 1968 (c 60)Section 27(4A).
Criminal Justice Act 1972 (c 71)In section 46, subsections (1A) to (1C).
Bail Act 1976 (c 63)In section 3, subsections (8A) and (8B), and the subsection (10) inserted by paragraph 12(b) of Schedule 9 to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (c 33).
Section 5(6A)(a)(i).
Criminal Law Act 1977 (c 45)In Schedule 12, the entry relating to the Firearms Act 1968 (c 27).
Interpretation Act

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