SCHEDULE 33 Jury Service
SCHEDULE 33 Jury Service

SCHEDULE 33 Jury Service

Section 321


The Juries Act 1974 (c 23) is amended as follows.


For section 1 (qualification for jury service) there is substituted—

“1 Qualification for jury service

(1)     Subject to the provisions of this Act, every person shall be qualified to serve as a juror in the Crown Court, the High Court and county courts and be liable accordingly to attend for jury service when summoned under this Act if—

(a)     he is for the time being registered as a parliamentary or local government elector and is not less than eighteen nor more than seventy years of age;

(b)     he has been ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for any period of at least five years since attaining the age of thirteen;

(c)     he is not a mentally disordered person; and

(d)     he is not disqualified for jury service.

(2)     In subsection (1) above “mentally disordered person” means any person listed in Part 1 of Schedule 1 to this Act.

(3)     The persons who are disqualified for jury service are those listed in Part 2 of that Schedule.”


Section 9(1) (certain persons entitled to be excused from jury service) shall cease to have effect.


In section 9(2) (discretionary excusal) after “may” there is inserted “, subject to section 9A(1A) of this Act,”.


After section 9(2) (discretionary excusal) there is inserted—

“(2A)     Without prejudice to subsection (2) above, the appropriate officer shall excuse a full-time serving member of Her Majesty's naval, military or air forces from attending

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