SCHEDULE 25 Summary Offences No Longer Punishable with Imprisonment
SCHEDULE 25 Summary Offences No Longer Punishable with Imprisonment


The offence under section 3 of the Vagrancy Act 1824 (idle and disorderly persons) of causing or procuring or encouraging any child or children to wander abroad, or place himself or herself in any public place, street, highway, court, or passage, to beg or gather alms.


The following offences under section 4 of that Act (rogues and vagabonds)—

(a)     the offence of going about as a gatherer or collector of alms, or endeavouring to procure charitable contributions of any nature or kind, under any false or fraudulent pretence,

(b)     the offence of being found in or upon any dwelling house, warehouse, coach-house, stable, or outhouse, or in any inclosed yard, garden, or area, for any unlawful purpose, and

(c)     the offence of being apprehended as an idle and disorderly person, and violently resisting any constable, or other peace officer so apprehending him or her, and being subsequently convicted of the offence for which he or she shall have been so apprehended.


An offence under section 17 of the Railway Regulation Act 1842 (punishment of railway employees guilty of misconduct).


An offence under section 28 of the London Hackney Carriages Act 1843 (punishment for furious driving etc).


An offence under section 26 of the Town Police Clauses Act 1847 (unlawful release of impounded stray cattle).


An offence under section 28 of that Act (offences relating to obstructions and nuisances).


An offence under section 29 of that Act (drunken persons, etc guilty of violent or indecent behaviour).


An offence under section 36

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