[Part 2 Prisoners Serving 1991 Act Sentences etc]
[Part 2 Prisoners Serving 1991 Act Sentences etc]


(1)     This Part applies to certain persons serving a 1991 Act sentence.

(2)     This Part also applies to a person serving a 2003 Act sentence which is—

(a)     . . .

(b)     an extended sentence imposed under section 227 or 228 before 14 July 2008.

(3)     But this Part does not apply to a person who—

(a)     has been released on licence under Part 2 of the 1991 Act,

(b)     has been recalled to prison, and

(c)     (whether or not having returned to custody in consequence of that recall) is unlawfully at large on the commencement date.


(1)     This paragraph applies to a person in relation to whom—

(a)     all the conditions in sub-paragraph (2) are met, and

(b)     the condition in any one or more of sub-paragraphs (3) to (5) is met.

(2)     The conditions in this sub-paragraph are that—

(a)     the person has been convicted of an offence committed before 4 April 2005,

(b)     the person is serving a sentence of imprisonment imposed in respect of that offence on or after 1 October 1992 but before the commencement date,

(c)     the sentence or (in the case of a section 85 extended sentence) the custodial term is for a term of 4 years or more, and

(d)     the person has not previously been released from prison on licence in respect of that sentence.

(3)     The condition in this sub-paragraph is that the offence (or one of the offences) in respect of which the sentence was imposed is—

(a)     an offence specified in Schedule 15 (specified violent offences and specified sexual

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