[Part 1 Requirements etc]
[Part 1 Requirements etc]


The provisions of Chapter 4 of Part 12 listed in paragraph 2 apply in relation to a supervision default order as they apply in relation to a community order but with the modifications listed in paragraph 3.


Those provisions are—

(a)     section 199(1) to (3) (unpaid work requirement);

(b)     section 200(1) and (3) (obligations of person subject to unpaid work requirement);

(c)     section 204(1), (2) and (6) (curfew requirement);

(d)     section 215(1) to (3) and (4A) (electronic monitoring requirement);

(e)     section 215A (data from electronic monitoring: code of practice);

(f)     section 216(1) (local justice area to be specified in order);

(g)     section 217(1) and (2) (requirement to avoid conflict with religi

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