Part 3 General Provisions: Breach or Amendment


This Part of this Schedule applies at any time while a suspended sentence order made or amended in accordance with paragraph 1 or 6 is in force in respect of an offender.


In this Part of this Schedule—

“home court” means—

(a)     if the offender resides in Scotland, or will be residing there at the relevant time, the sheriff court having jurisdiction in the locality in which the offender resides or proposes to reside, and

(b)     if he resides in Northern Ireland, or will be residing there at the relevant time, the court of summary jurisdiction acting for the petty sessions district in which he resides or proposes to reside [a court of summary jurisdiction];

“local authority” and “local authority area” are to be read in accordance with paragraph 5;

“original court” means the court in England and Wales which made or last amended the order;

“the relevant officer” means—

(a)     where the order specifies a local authority area in Scotland, the local authority officer appointed or assigned under paragraph 2(b), and

(b)     where the court specifies a petty sessions district in Northern Ireland, the probation officer appointed or assigned under paragraph 7(b);

“the relevant time” means the time when the order or the amendment to it comes into force.


(1)     Where this Part of this Schedule applies, Schedule 12 has effect subject to the following modifications.

(2)     Any reference to the responsible officer has effect as a reference to the relevant officer.

(3)     Any reference to a magistrates' court [acting in

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