Part 8 Live Links (ss 51-56)
Part 8 Live Links (ss 51-56)

51 Live links in criminal proceedings

(1)     A witness (other than the defendant) may, if the court so directs, give evidence through a live link in the following criminal proceedings.

(2)     They are—

(a)     a summary trial,

(b)     an appeal to the Crown Court arising out of such a trial,

(c)     a trial on indictment,

(d)     an appeal to the criminal division of the Court of Appeal,

(e)     the hearing of a reference under section 9 or 11 of the Criminal Appeal Act 1995 (c 35),

(f)     a hearing before a magistrates' court or the Crown Court which is held after the defendant has entered a plea of guilty, and

(g)     a hearing before the Court of Appeal under section 80 of this Act.

(3)     A direction may be given under this section—

(a)     on an application by a party to the proceedings, or

(b)     of the court's own motion.

(4)     But a direction may not be given under this section unless—

(a)     the court is satisfied that it is in the interests of the efficient or effective administration of justice for the person concerned to give evidence in the proceedings through a live link,

(b)     it has been notified by the Secretary of State that suitable facilities for receiving evidence through a live link are available in the area in which it appears to the court that the proceedings will take place, and

(c)     that notification has not been withdrawn.

(5)     The withdrawal of such a notification is not to affect a direction given under this section before that withdrawal.

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