[24A Arrest for failure to comply]

[24A  Arrest for failure to comply]

[(1)     If a constable has reasonable grounds for believing that the offender has failed, without reasonable excuse, to comply with any of the conditions attached to the conditional caution, he may arrest him without warrant.

(2)     A person arrested under this section must be—

(a)     charged with the offence in question,

[(b)     released without charge and without bail (with or without any variation in the conditions attached to the caution) unless paragraph (c)(i) and (ii) applies, or

(c)     released without charge and on bail if—

(i)     the release is to enable a decision to be made as to whether the person should be charged with the offence, and

(ii)     the pre-conditions for bail are satisfied].

(3)     Subsection (2)

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