325 Arrangements for assessing etc risks posed by certain offenders

Assessing etc risks posed by sexual or violent offenders

325  Arrangements for assessing etc risks posed by certain offenders

(1)     In this section—

“relevant sexual or violent offender” has the meaning given by section 327;

“responsible authority”, in relation to any area, means the chief officer of police, the local probation board for that area [or (if there is no local probation board for that area) a relevant provider of probation services] and the Minister of the Crown exercising functions in relation to prisons, acting jointly.

(2)     The responsible authority for each area must establish arrangements for the purpose of assessing and managing the risks posed in that area by—

(a)     relevant sexual and violent offenders, and

(b)     other persons who, by reason of offences committed by them (wherever committed), are considered by the responsible authority to be persons who may cause serious harm to the public.

(3)     In establishing those arrangements, the responsible authority must act in co-operation with the persons specified in subsection (6); and it is the duty of those persons to co-operate in the establishment by the responsible authority of those arrangements, to the extent that such co-operation is compatible with the exercise by those persons of their [relevant functions].


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