268 Interpretation of Chapter 6

268  Interpretation of Chapter 6

[(1)]     In this Chapter—

“the 1997 Act” means the Crime (Sentences) Act 1997 (c 43);

“the Board” means the Parole Board;

[“fixed-term prisoner” and “fixed-term sentence” have] the meaning given by section 237(1) [(as extended by section 237(1A))];

. . .

[“offender subject to supervision under this Chapter” means a person who is subject to supervision requirements under section 256AA or 256B;]

“prison” and “prisoner” are to be read in accordance with section 237(2);

[“recall adjudicator” has the meaning given in section 239A]

. . .

. . .

[“supervision default order” means an order described in section 256AC(4)(c), whether made under

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