237 Meaning of “fixed-term prisoner” [etc]

[Chapter 6
Release, licences[, supervision] and recall]


237  Meaning of “fixed-term prisoner” [etc]

(1)     In this Chapter “fixed-term prisoner” means—

(a)     a person serving a sentence of imprisonment for a determinate term, or

(b)     a person serving a determinate sentence of detention under section 91 [or 96] of [the PCC(S)A 2000, under] section [226A, 226B,] [227][, 228 or 236A] of this Act [or under section 250[, 252A], 254, 262, 265, [266 or 268A] of the Sentencing Code][,]

[and “fixed-term sentence” means a sentence falling within paragraph (a) or (b)].

[(1B)     In this Chapter—

(a)     references to a sentence of imprisonment include such a sentence

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