88 Supplementary provisions

88  Supplementary provisions

(1)     In this Chapter—

“the appropriate national authority” means—

(a)     in relation to England, the Secretary of State, and

(b)     in relation to Wales, the Welsh Ministers;

“assured tenancy” means a tenancy which is an assured tenancy for the purposes of the Housing Act 1988 except where—

(a)     the landlord is—

(i)     a private registered provider of social housing,

(ii)     a registered social landlord, or

(iii)     a fully mutual housing association, or

(b)     the tenancy is a long lease;

“dwelling-house” may be a house or part of a house;

<“fully mutual housing association” has the same meaning as in Part 1 of the Housing Associations Act 1985 (see section 1(1) and (2) of that Act);<

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