[859I Entries on the register]
[859I Entries on the register]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[(1)     This section applies where a charge is registered in accordance with a provision of this Chapter.

(2)     The registrar must—

(a)     allocate to the charge a unique reference code and place a note in the register recording that reference code; and

(b)     include in the register any documents delivered under section 859A(3) or (5), 859B(3), (4) or (7), or 859C(3).

(3)     The registrar must give a certificate of the registration of the charge to the person who delivered to the registrar a section 859D statement of particulars relating to the charge.

(4)     The certificate must state—

(a)     the registered name and number of the company in respect of which the charge was registered; and

(b)     the unique reference code allocated to the charge.