[853J Power to amend duties to deliver certain information]
[853J Power to amend duties to deliver certain information]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[(1)     The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision about the duties on a company in relation to the delivery of information falling within section 853E(4), 853F(5), 853G(6) [or 853H(2)] (referred to in this section as “relevant information”).

(2)     The regulations may, in particular, make provision requiring relevant information to be delivered—

(a)     on such occasions as may be prescribed;

(b)     at such intervals as may be prescribed.

(3)     The regulations may amend or repeal the provisions of sections 853A, 853B and 853E to [853H].

(4)     The regulations may provide—

(a)     that where a company fails to comply with any duty to deliver relevant information an offence is committed by—

(i)     the company,