1072 Requirements for proper delivery
1072 Requirements for proper delivery
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

(1)     A document delivered to the registrar is not properly delivered unless all the following requirements are met—

(a)     the requirements of the provision under which the document is to be delivered to the registrar as regards—

(i)     the contents of the document, and

(ii)     form, authentication and manner of delivery;

(b)     any applicable requirements under—

section 1068 (registrar's requirements as to form, authentication and manner of delivery),

section 1069 (power to require delivery by electronic means), or

section 1070 (agreement for delivery by electronic means);

(c)     any requirements of this Part as to the language in which the document is drawn up and delivered or as to its being accompanied on delivery by a certified translation into English;

(d)     in so far as it consists of or includes names and addresses, any requirements of this Part as to permitted characters, letters or symbols or as to its being accompanied on delivery by a certificate as to the transliteration of any element;

(e)     any applicable requirements under section 1111 (registrar's requirements as to certification or verification);

(f)     any requirement of regulations under section 1082 (use of unique identifiers);

(g)     any requirements as regards payment of a fee in respect of its receipt by the registrar.

(2)     A document that is not properly delivered is treated for the purposes of the provision requiring or authorising it to be delivered as not having been delivered, subject to the provisions of section 1073 (power to accept documents not meeting requirements for proper delivery).