[SCHEDULE 1B Enforcement of Disclosure Requirements]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[SCHEDULE 1B Enforcement of Disclosure Requirements]

[Section 790I]

[Right to issue restrictions notice


(1)     This paragraph applies if—

(a)     a notice under section 790D or 790E is served by a company on a person who has a relevant interest in the company, and

(b)     the person fails to comply with that notice within the time specified in it.

(2)     The company may give the person a notice under this paragraph (a “warning notice”) informing the person that it is proposing to issue the person with a notice (a “restrictions notice”) with respect to the relevant interest.

(3)     The company may issue the restrictions notice if, by the end of the period of one month beginning with the date on which the warning notice was given—

(a)     the person has not complied with the notice served under section 790D or 790E, and

(b)     the company has not been provided with a valid reason sufficient to justify the person's failure to comply with the notice served under that section.

(4)     A restrictions notice is issued on a person by sending the notice to the person.

(5)     The effect of a restrictions notice is set out in paragraph 3.

(6)     In deciding whether to issue a restrictions notice, the company must have regard to the effect of the notice on the rights of third parties in respect of the relevant interest.

Relevant interests


(1)     For the purposes of this Schedule, a person has a relevant interest in a company if the person—

(a)     holds any shares in the company,

(b)     holds any

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