Part 47 Final Provisions (ss 1298-1300)
Part 47 Final Provisions (ss 1298-1300)
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

1298 Short title

The short title of this Act is the Companies Act 2006.

1299 Extent

Except as otherwise provided (or the context otherwise requires), the provisions of this Act extend to the whole of the United Kingdom.

1300 Commencement

(1)     The following provisions come into force on the day this Act is passed—

(a)     Part 43 (transparency obligations and related matters), except the amendment in paragraph 11(2) of Schedule 15 of the definition of “regulated market” in Part 6 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (c 8),

(b)     in Part 44 (miscellaneous provisions)—

section 1274 (grants to bodies concerned with actuarial standards etc), and

section 1276 (application of provisions to Scotland and Northern Ireland),

(c)     Part 46 (general supplementary provisions), except section 1295 and Schedule 16 (repeals), and

(d)     this Part.

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