1254 Directions to comply with international obligations
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

International obligations

1254  Directions to comply with international obligations

(1)     If it appears to the Secretary of State—

[(a)     that any action proposed to be taken by—

(i)     a recognised supervisory body,

(ii)     a recognised qualifying body,

(iii)     a person keeping a register of auditors, or part of such a register, in accordance with regulations under section 1239(1),

(iv)     a body exercising functions under arrangements within Schedule 12,

(v)     the Independent Supervisor,

(vi)     the competent authority, or

(vii)     a body designated by order under section 1252,

would be incompatible with [retained EU obligations] or any other international obligations of the United Kingdom, or]

(b)     that any action

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