1190 Statements: whether to be made public
1190 Statements: whether to be made public
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

(1)     Regulations under section 1188 or 1189 (statements required to be sent to registrar) may provide that a statement sent to the registrar of companies under the regulations is to be treated as a record relating to a company for the purposes of section 1080 (the companies register).

(2)     The regulations may make provision as to the circumstances in which such a statement is to be, or may be—

(a)     withheld from public inspection, or

(b)     removed from the register.

(3)     The regulations may, in particular, provide that a statement is not to be withheld from public inspection or removed from the register unless the person to whom it relates provides such information, and satisfies such other conditions, as may be specified.

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