[1097A Rectification of register relating to company registered office]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[1097A  Rectification of register relating to company registered office]

[(1)     The Secretary of State may make provision by regulations requiring the registrar, on application, to change the address of a company's registered office if the registrar is satisfied that the company is not authorised to use the address.

(2)     The applicant and the company must provide such information as the registrar may require for the purposes of determining such an application.

(3)     The regulations may make provision as to—

(a)     who may make an application,

(b)     the information to be included in and documents to accompany an application,

(c)     the notice to be given of an application and of its outcome,

(d)     the period in which objections to an application may be made,

(e)     how an application is to be determined, including in particular the evidence, or descriptions of evidence, which the registrar may without further enquiry rely o

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