1078 [Enhanced disclosure documents]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

1078  [Enhanced disclosure documents]

(1)     [The enhanced disclosure documents are as follows.]

. . .

(2)     In the case of every company—

Constitutional documents

1     The company's memorandum and articles.

2     Any amendment of the company's articles (including every resolution or agreement required to be embodied in or annexed to copies of the company's articles issued by the company).

3     After any amendment of the company's articles, the text of the articles as amended.

4     Any notice of a change of the company's name.


1     The statement of proposed officers required on formation of the company.

2     Notification of any change among the company's directors.

3     Notification of any change in the particulars of directors required to be delivered to the registrar.

[Accounts and reports etc]

1     All documents required to be delivered to the registrar under section 441 (annual accounts and reports).

[1A     All documents delivered to the registrar under sections 394A(2)(e), 448A(2)(e) and 479A(2)(e) (qualifying subsidiary companies: conditions for exemption from the audit, preparation

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