[1059A Scheme of this Part]
[1059A Scheme of this Part]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[(1)     The scheme of this Part is as follows.

(2)     The following provisions apply generally (to the registrar, to any functions of the registrar, or to documents delivered to or issued by the registrar under any enactment, as the case may be)—

sections 1060(1) and (2) and 1061 to 1063 (the registrar),

sections 1068 to 1071 (delivery of documents to the registrar),

sections 1072 to 1076 (requirements for proper delivery),

sections 1080(1), (4) and (5) and 1092 (keeping and production of records),

section 1083 (preservation of original documents),

[section 1084A (recording optional information on register),]

sections 1108 to 1110 (language requirements: transliteration),

sections 1111 and 1114

1120 . . .

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