21 Amendment of articles
21 Amendment of articles
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

(1)     A company may amend its articles by special resolution.

(2)     In the case of a company that is a charity, this is subject to—

(a)     in England and Wales, [sections 197 and 198 of the Charities Act 2011];

(b)     in Northern Ireland, Article 9 of the Charities (Northern Ireland) Order 1987 (SI 1987/2048 (NI 19)) [section 96 of the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2008].

(3)     In the case of a company that is registered in the Scottish Charity Register, this is subject to—

(a)     section 112 of the Companies Act 1989 (c 40), and

(b)     section 16 of the Charities and

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