986 Applications to the court
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation


986  Applications to the court

(1)     Where a notice is given under section 979 to a shareholder the court may, on an application made by him, order—

(a)     that the offeror is not entitled and bound to acquire the shares to which the notice relates, or

(b)     that the terms on which the offeror is entitled and bound to acquire the shares shall be such as the court thinks fit.

(2)     An application under subsection (1) must be made within six weeks from the date on which the notice referred to in that subsection was given.

If an application to the court under subsection (1) is pending at the end of that period, section 981(6) does not have effect until the application has been disposed of.

(3)     Where a shareholder exercises his rights under section 983 in respect of any shares held by him, t

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