[918A Agreement to dispense with [reports etc] (merger)]
[918A Agreement to dispense with [reports etc] (merger)]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[(1)     If all members holding shares in, and all persons holding other securities of, [the merging companies], being shares or securities that carry a right to vote in general meetings of the company in question, so agree, [the following requirements do not apply].

[(1A)     The requirements that may be dispensed with under this section are—

(a)     the requirements of—

(i)     i)section 908 (directors' explanatory report),

(ii)     section 909 (expert's report),

(iii)     section 910 (supplementary accounting statement), and

(iv)     section 911B (report on material changes of assets of merging company); and

(b)     the requirements of section 911 (inspection of documents) so far as relating

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