917 Circumstances in which no meetings required (merger)
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

917  Circumstances in which no meetings required (merger)

(1)     This section applies in the case of a merger by absorption where all of the relevant securities of the transferor company (or, if there is more than one transferor company, of each of them) are held by or on behalf of the transferee company.

(2)     It is not necessary for the scheme to be approved at a meeting of the members, or any class of members, of any of the merging companies if the court is satisfied that the following conditions have been complied with.

[(3)     The first condition is that either subsection (3A) or subsection (3B) is satisfied.

(3A)     This subsection is satisfied if publication of notice of receipt of the draft terms by the registrar took place in respect of all the merging companies at least one month before the date of the court's order.

(3B)     This subsection is sati

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