[790K Required particulars]
[790K Required particulars]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[Required particulars]

[790K  Required particulars]

[(1)     The “required particulars” of an individual who is a registrable person are—

(a)     name,

(b)     a service address,

(c)     the country or state (or part of the United Kingdom) in which the individual is usually resident,

(d)     nationality,

(e)     date of birth,

(f)     usual residential address,

(g)     the date on which the individual became a registrable person in relation to the company in question,

(h)     the nature of his or her control over that company (see Schedule 1A), and

(i)     if, in relation to that company, restrictions on using or disclosing any of the individual's PSC particulars are in force under regulations

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