625 Notice to registrar of redenomination
625 Notice to registrar of redenomination
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

(1)     If a limited company having a share capital redenominates any of its share capital, it must within one month after doing so give notice to the registrar, specifying the shares redenominated.

(2)     The notice must—

(a)     state the date on which the resolution was passed, and

(b)     be accompanied by a statement of capital.

(3)     The statement of capital must state with respect to the company's share capital as redenominated by the resolution—

(a)     the total number of shares of the company,

(b)     the aggregate nominal value of those shares,

[(ba)     the aggregate amount (if any) unpaid on those shares (whether on account of their nominal value or by way of premium), and]

(c)     for each class of shares—

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