360 Computation of periods of notice etc: clear day rule
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

Chapter 7
Supplementary Provisions

360  Computation of periods of notice etc: clear day rule

(1)     This section applies for the purposes of the following provisions of this Part—

section 307(1) and (2) (notice required of general meeting),

[section 307A(1), (4), (5) and (7)(b) (notice required of general meeting of traded company),]

section 312(1) and (3) (resolution requiring special notice),

section 314(4)(d) (request to circulate members' statement),

section 316(2)(b) (expenses of circulating statement to be deposited or tendered before meeting),

[section 337(3) (contents of notice of AGM of traded company),]

section 338(4)(d)(i) (request to circulate member's resolution at AGM of public company), . . .

[section 338A(5) (request to include matter

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