[226A Key definitions]
Companies Act 2006 | Legislation

[Chapter 4A
Directors of Quoted Companies [and Traded Companies]: Special Provision]


[226A  Key definitions]

[(1)     In this Chapter—

“directors' remuneration policy” means the policy of a quoted company[, or of an unquoted traded company,] with respect to the making of remuneration payments and payments for loss of office;

“quoted company” has the same meaning as in Part 15 of this Act;

“remuneration payment” means any form of payment or other benefit made to or otherwise conferred on a person as consideration for the person—

(a)     holding, agreeing to hold or having held office as director of a company, or

(b)     holding, agreeing to hold or having held, during a period when the person is or was such a director—

(i)     any other office or employment in connection with the management of the affairs of the company, or


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