Your first aid box or kit
Produced in partnership with Melanie O'Brien of DG Legal
Your first aid box or kit

The following Practice Management guidance note Produced in partnership with Melanie O'Brien of DG Legal provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Your first aid box or kit
  • Number and size
  • Container
  • Contents
  • Other first aid provisions and resources

You are not required to maintain a first aid box or kit, but it is generally considered good practice that this would be the minimum step that every organisation should put in place.

The British Standard BS 8599 (BS 8599) provides information on the contents of first aid kits for the workplace. It is not a mandatory requirement to have a first aid kit which complies with this standard but you may feel that your needs are such that you should match or exceed the list of contents as specified in BS 8599. At the very least, you may find it a useful gauge as to the appropriateness of the contents of your kit. However, you should note that regardless of whether or not you follow the BS 8599, the contents of your first aid kit should be tailored so as to meet the specific needs of your organisation as outlined by the outcome of your first aid needs assessment (see precedent: First aid needs assessment and Practice Note: Conducting a first aid needs assessment).

This Practice Note provides information on the number and size of first aid box(es) you should consider maintaining and considers what such a box could contain.

Number and size

BS 8599 Annex A gives recommendations on the amount and size of the first aid kits necessary