Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation/Findel Education Limited [Archived]

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Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation/Findel Education Limited [Archived]


ARCHIVED–this archived case hub reflects the position at the date of the cancellation of the investigation on 2 November 2020 after the abandonment of the transaction; it is no longer maintained.

See further, timeline.

Case facts

OutlineUK merger investigation into the anticipated acquisition by Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation of Findel Education Limited. The parties overlap in the supply of a wide range of educational resources such as stationery, furniture and art and science materials to different types of educational institutions in the UK.

Latest developmentsOn 2 November 2020, the CMA formally cancelled its phase 2 investigation after Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation decided to abandon the proposed transaction.

Parties• Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO): YPO is a public sector buying organisation which operates under the Local Authority (Goods & Services) Act 1970 and is governed by 13 ‘Founder Member’ local authorities which control YPO in equal parts. The Council of the City of Wakefield acts as the ‘Lead Authority’ of YPO. The other 12 Founder Member local authorities are: (i) Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council; (ii) The Borough Council of Bolton; (iii) City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council; (iv) Borough Council of Calderdale; (v) Doncaster Borough Council; (vi) The Council of The Borough Of Kirklees; (vii) Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council; (viii) North Yorkshire

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