Workplace parking levy

The following Planning practice note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Workplace parking levy
  • Scope of workplace parking levy licensing schemes
  • Content
  • Confirmation of order
  • Exemption from approval
  • Liability of provider
  • Penalty charges
  • Representations and appeals
  • Payment and recovery

Workplace parking levy

Certain local traffic authorities have power to introduce workplace parking levy licensing schemes allowing them to charge the occupier of premises for a licence for car parking spaces (‘licensed units’) which are occupied by motor vehicles and provided for use by:

  1. a relevant person

  2. employees, agents, suppliers, business customers or business visitors of a relevant person

  3. pupils or students attending training provided by a relevant person, or

  4. where a body whose affairs are controlled by its members is a relevant person, by a member of the body engaged in the carrying on of any business of the body

for attending a place where the relevant person carries on business (at or in the vicinity of the premises).

A relevant person is:

  1. the person who provides the parking place

  2. anyone with whom they have arrangements to provide the parking place (whether or not for that person's own use), or

  3. any person who is associated with either

Scope of workplace parking levy licensing schemes

A licensing scheme can only be made:

  1. by a non-metropolitan local traffic authority

  2. jointly by more than one non-metropolitan local traffic authority, or

  3. jointly by one or more non-metropolitan local traffic authorities and one or more London traffic authorities

Where a scheme is made by a non-metropolitan local traffic authority on its own, the scheme can cover the whole or part of the authority’s area.

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