Working with marketing teams
Produced in partnership with Paul Gilbert and Lawrence Smith of LBC Wise Counsel
Working with marketing teams

The following In-house Advisor practice note Produced in partnership with Paul Gilbert and Lawrence Smith of LBC Wise Counsel provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Working with marketing teams
  • Back to first principles
  • What is effective risk management?
  • What is risk assessment?

The role of the in-house team in a fully-aligned, value adding environment is much more than ensuring the reactive deployment of legal expertise to answer specific queries from colleagues.

While this may seem a statement of the obvious, the steps in the transition from a reactive resource to one that is proactive and value adding is not always obvious.

Working with a company’s marketing department provides an interesting case study. Marketing professionals perceive themselves as creative, dynamic, fast moving, 'tuned-in' and at the cutting edge of presentation and ideas. Without slipping into stereotypes, they are likely to assume that lawyers perhaps do not deploy similar skills in their work.

Back to first principles

A legal team is part of the assurance function:

This is important to promote and to establish both the collaborative and oversight roles when supporting 'front line' colleagues such as those working in marketing.

The contextual messaging is, in effect, to promote the fact that every business has a corporate responsibility to comply with laws, regulations and court directions.

The legal team may promote this by using language such as: A responsibility therefore to protect all our people from the consequences of failing to understand or comply with the law and to ensure that all we do is based on our values. We want our business to be a success; successful for ourselves, our families and our communities.

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