WIQS—Will drafting instructions
WIQS—Will drafting instructions

The following Wills & Probate guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • WIQS—Will drafting instructions

The Will drafting part of the WIQS Protocol sets out, in effect, a blueprint for the conducting of a Will drafting transaction. It does not tell the practice how to meet every challenge during a Will drafting exercise—that is where personal expertise comes into play—but it does set out the process by which a successful outcome for the client may be achieved.

This checklist can be used as an aide memoir for each matter and attached to the working paper file. It is probable that in its entirety it will only be relevant to a small number of files, but that will in turn be regulated by the expertise of the fee earner. However, there are some parts (eg 'Arrangements for taking instructions') that are common to all transactions. The final table column can be used to indicate by a ✓ that the issue has been considered and acted upon.

  1.1 Ascertain if the client has any visual, communication or mobility problems and deal with them in accordance with the practice's client disability policy (see WIQS—general practice policies)