WIQS—post-grant administration
WIQS—post-grant administration

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  • WIQS—post-grant administration

WIQS—post-grant administration

After the grant has been obtained, delays often occur and mistakes can be made. This list of matters can be followed to move the estate on to full completion by following routine steps.

1.1 Unless instructed otherwise, write to cash asset holders without delay enclosing an official copy of the grant and requesting payment
1.2 Ask for details of any interest accrued since the date of death
1.3 In the case of non-cash assets passing to beneficiaries, deal with the appropriate documents to effect a transfer to the personal representatives (PRs) or the beneficiaries as appropriate
1.4 In the case of foreign assets, determine:
1.4.1 the steps required to realise the assets
1.4.2 the party to take them if the jurisdiction does not recognise the office of PR
2.1 As soon as cleared funds are available and with the authority of the PRs pay any outstanding estate debts and any borrowings made to pay IHT
2.2 Where there is a possibility that the estate will be insolvent, follow the bankruptcy order when paying debts in accordance with the Administration of Insolvent Estates of Deceased Persons Order 1986 SI 1986/1999
2.3 Save where a lay PR is taking the whole estate, ascertain whether there are any contingent or uncertain liabilities and, if there are:
2.3.1 set aside sufficient assets to meet the

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